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Woman spends thousands on surgery to look like Ivanka Trump

How much is it worth to look like your celebrity idol? If you are Sarah Schmidt, the answer would be £20,000! Sarah Schmidt, a technology analyst, has done nine plastic surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump. Schmidt, 34, has always longed to look like Donald Trump’s daughter. During an interview in Houston, Texas, Schmidt said she finds the first daughter very beautiful and would love to look like her, “I will do anything to look like President Trump’s daughter.” She explained that Ivanka Trump is poised, classy and beautiful. She also believes that the first daughter carries herself well. It is for that reason Sarah Schmidt decided to undergo the procedure to look like her.The surgeries included liposuction, lip filler, butt lift and a new nose.

The main areas Schmidt was concerned with were her waist and chin. According to her, they did not match that of Ivanka Trump. She wanted them gone because the first daughter has something different. Franklin Rose, a doctor in Houston, was enlisted for the procedure. He has become an expert of Ivanka Trump’s surgery procedure since Donald Trump ran for presidency. Dr. Rose’s patients have spent around 4600£ in a bid to look like President Trump’s daughter.

During an interview with ABC Nightline, Dr Rose revealed that Sarah Schmidt was not the first patient to come with a picture of the President’s daughter.The procedure took close to three hours in order for Schmidt to emerge as Ivanka Trump’s doppelganger. Dr. Rose performed liposuction under her chin and cheeks and also to her upper arms. abdomen, hips and lower back. Some fat was also drained from Schmidt’s body(275ml-equivalent to half a pint). The fat was injected to her buttocks, which was part of butt lift. Fillers were also added on her lips, chin and cheeks. This has caught the interest of plastic surgery firms worldwide, including those offering nose job Manchester services.

Schmidt is now nearly recovered and she says she could not be happier with her appearance-she is compared to President Trump’s daughter. Sarah says that her friends tell her she looks like Ivanka, “friends tell me I resemble Ivanka Trump, especially when my photo is next to hers.” Sarah Schmidt has also dropped close to two dress sizes (her previous was a frame of size eight.) Despite undergoing surgeries to look like Ivanka, Sarah Schmidt insists that the decision was not political- it was not influenced in anyway by President Trump’s election. She is also not a fan of President Trump. Moreover, she revealed that her political views are liberal and there was no political motivation in her decision to undergo the procedure.

Dr, Franklin unveiled Schmidt before a huge crowd last week after completion of the procedure at Utopia Medical Spa. Dr. Rose said even though his patient resembled the first daughter a little before, she now resembled her even more.He said that it was a pleasure to operate on Schmidt.He also said he admires Ivanka Trump’s personality, ” I personally love the first daughter because she is an elegant spokesperson.” He added that Ivanka Trump look has gained popularity in recent times, “It’s unsurprising that ladies today want to look like Ivanka Trump, probably because she is very elegant.” Sarah Schmidt told Inside Edition that she finally had the Ivanka she wanted.